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11 Silly Mistakes In FRIENDS Series You Didn’t Notice

1. Wait a minute, that isn’t Courtney Cox! In Episode 05 of Friends Season 8, Phoebe

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1. Cultural icon, Clint Eastwood, has one impressive filmography from his portrayal of the man with

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1. Just see it for the last time because after reading further you’ll never see it

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1. First, the eggs are opened and divided into two halves. Source:

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1. Celine Dion has had one of the most successful pop-music careers of all time. Source:

Surprising Transformation Of Adele Will Bowl Out Body Shamers On The Internet (8 Photos)

1. She is adorable, elegant and beautiful. Source:

12 Shocking Facts About Emma Watson No Harry Potter Fan Knows

1. She was a straight-A student. She graduated from Brown Univeristy and she was a very

10 Funny ‘Women’s Logics’ That Have No Explanation At All

1. Mah game mah rulz! Source:

9 Totally Awesome Billy Madison Facts You Should Know ASAP

1. Billy Madison’s favorite game is Donkey Kong. Sure, you heard Adam Sandler’s character say to

15 Optimistic People Who Are Making The Best Out Of Bad Situations

1. Capturing a happy moment in harsh snowstorm. Source: